We provide exceptional signing services by the top performing notary signing agents. We are nationwide and offer global services when needed. We will represent you with honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, loyalty, & professionalism, at every closing. We are happy to serve all of your signing needs. Some of our partners are top ranked companies. We welcome all title companies, builders, lenders, lawyers, real estate agents, small business owners, and of course the general public. No matter how big or small your signing needs are, you can expect the same great service, every time. Whether you need one closing or multiple, we offer solutions for all your signing needs.

We offer access to over 100,000+ (and growing) top notch notary signing agents. You can be in as little or as much control of the closing process as you like.

QUICK START: click here enter basic contact information. A secure email will be sent to us. We will set up your company profile and email a link to you for access to the platform. For security purposes it will be sent directly from our platform. Once you accept the invite and create a password you will have an active account. There you will be able to see the status and communications for orders. You will have order presets to choose from. Once a new order is created, you can upload documents at your earliest convenience. We’ll handle the rest! If you prefer, you can call (321) 345-8459. We look forward to working with you!

Basic info. needed to get a notary assigned /appt. confirmed: Signer’s name/address & phone number, type of signing (product + fee presets), signing address, requested day & time (TBD & ASAP are options). If it is a TRUST OR POA, please include specific instructions on exactly how you prefer them to sign.

In a hurry? No worries! The rest of the order details, including Escrow number can be added later. 

*We do not charge cancellation fees. If a closing is assigned & cancelled, we will make it right with that notary in the future.

If you prefer, you can email the closing info & we’d be happy to enter it for you!

At your earliest convenience, send a RATE SHEET for all your signing needs and we will add those options to your profile.

To get you completely set up, send the following…

  1. RATE SHEET (your standard rates requested)
  2. Team Email &/or contact info for all parties to be included in each closing (you can add lenders or other to each closing later)
  3. General &/or Specific Instructions (if any) that you’d like included with all orders. This can be added later as well.
Details of How it Works and the Services that We Provide

This should answer any questions you may have to start. If you have further questions, feel free to ask!


We provide 24/7 signing services for all your notary needs.

We offer access to over 100,000+ and growing top notch notary signing agents. We offer international signings as well. RON, RIN, & in person signings are some options. You can be in as little or as much control of the closing process as you like.

How does it work?  After the quick start from above...Just login, choose the signing type from the presets and fill in basic information. An automatic, instant notification will be sent to us. Then upload documents at your earliest convenience. We’ll handle the rest! Please note we need at least a 2 hour notice for international requests.

Title companies & lenders will ONLY be contacted if absolutely needed. We will only forward updates that are crucial to the file getting funded or shipped on time (unless you want them all). Status updates and comments can be viewed (by anyone that you’ve granted access) within the order at your convenience.This should help cut down on the overload of your emails! Invoices are automatically emailed once the order is completed, unless you prefer preliminary invoices. We are flexible and want to support your business needs. We tailor our services to represent your company with your preferred methods. How can we help you grow your business?

Whether it's a last-minute closing or days in advance...we've got you covered! We filter searches by highest criteria and personally vet notaries for each file. We keep communication open with the notaries to ensure each step is performed accurately & in a timely manner. If you prefer to select the notaries, that’s an option too.

Once we have your basic contact info., we will send a link to the platform. It will be from It is user friendly. The set up takes 5 mins. or less. We can do that for you. We will use the email provided as a team email for the invite. However, you can use as many contacts as you need. The main information needed is “Product + Client Fees” for the presets. Which we will fill in using your rate sheet. We have partnered with an amazing platform provider that can customize each client’s preferences & streamlines the signing process for all parties involved. We require scans on the first 3 closings from any notary that we haven’t partnered with yet and approve the files before they’re shipped. This is just one example of our systems that help prevent potential delays.

Please email a PROPOSED RATE SHEET & we will enter your presets! Signing Product & FEE are the only details on our end that matter to ensure proper billing. However, if it is a POA/TRUST or other special circumstances that the notary needs to know...just add it in the special instructions section when you create the order. Don't forget to check scanbacks required if you need them. Also, if you want those as details on your presets, just include them on the RATE SHEET.

It's a given that a notary should print documents. If they will be mailed instead, please note that in the order. There are other options if needed & are all customizable. You can add as many product types as needed.

If you have general &/or specific instructions that should be sent with each order, & you aren’t sure where to add it… email it to and we’ll be happy to upload it for you! It will automatically be sent along with the notary’s confirmation on each file.

We look forward to partnering with you!

We welcome feedback and are always open to learn ways to make your workday less stressful!

Feel free to contact us anytime at (321)345-8459. We are here if you have any questions about the platform or need anything.